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In an early Community for Understanding and Hope (CFUH) breakout meeting, a teen suggested that some Kirkwood community group actions and problems were somewhat like group actions and problems in Kirkwood High School and those present followed with good discussion interrelating this connection. A recent national conference "The Dignity in Schools"* coalition of advocates, community-based organizations, educators, lawyers and policymakers working together to seek ... solutions to the systemic problems ... . held at Northwestern University School of Law may bring us some reverse relief.

Some community problem solutions studied at that summer conference* may help our Kirkwood community, our neighborhoods, our city government, our police department, our religious community, our schools, our teachers, our students, our young people, ..., i.e. all of Kirkwood Missouri! Kirkwood City government has one such contact for this potential solution in hand this month.

Kirkwood should have HUMAN RIGHTS rules prohibiting discrimination in employment practices, housing practices, public accommodations practices, school practices, intimidation or bullying practices, reprisal or retaliation practices based on Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Sex, Age, Marital Status, Disability, Domestic Partnership, Familial Status, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Source of Income, or Employment.     Additional Coverage

Hate crimes, harassment, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, disturbing religious worship, rude or indecent behavior, ..., and more should initiate proper mediation of complaints, even potential complaints, through a diverse and meaningful portion of Kirkwood residents.     Kirkwoodians Represented OR More

Let us act on a Kirkwood Human Rights framework.

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